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We continuously seek to grow our team by welcoming talents from every corner of the world.

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If you want to join our team full-time, please check out the open positions listed below.

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The Stein values

We are a dynamic community of skilled craftsmen driven by passion. We thrive on hope and optimism, and are led by values of esteem, excellence, and teamwork. Esteem is the cornerstone of empathy that we treat each other with, cultivating a culture of loyalty, humility, and dedication. Our pursuit of excellence is showcased through our ambitions to achieve supreme quality and our inventive problem-solving to take on challenges.

Our manta, "curiosity fuels growth" implies collaboration and mutual guidance throughout our team enhancing individual and collective growth. This leads to the formation of strong bonds and profound connections within our community. These collective traits define the very essence of Stein.

The Stein values